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  1. Strokeplay over one round of 18 holes.

  2. Men’s and women’s scoring are conducted separately.




  1. Men A : Male golfers with maximum handicap 12.4

  2. Men B : Male golfers with handicap 12.5 to 28.4

  3. Women : Female golfers with maximum handicap 28.4

  4. Guest : Male and female golfers with maximum handicap 28.4


Note: Each category requires minimum 5 eligible participants in order to construe a competition and qualify for any Tournament awards.



  1. The BMW Golf Cup, Brunei 2021 is an invitational event for:-

    • Owners of BMW vehicle(s) five (5) years old or less, purchased from QAF Auto Sdn Bhd and registered on or after 1st August 2016 will be eligible to compete in the Men A, Men B and Women categories.

    • Owners of BMW vehicles(s) more than five (5) years old, purchased from QAF Auto Sdn Bhd and registered before on or before 31st July 2017 will be eligible to compete in the Guest category only.

    • Amateur golfers in accordance with Rules of Amateur Status issued by R&A Rules Limited.

    • Amateur golfers who possess a valid Handicap Index issued/verified by the Brunei Darulssalam Golf Association.

  2. Minimum age for participation is twenty one (21) years old.

  3. Employees of BMW, QAF Auto Sdn Bhd and associated retail organizations (dealers/partners) are not allowed to compete in the Tournament.



  1. All Tournament players are to pay an entry fee:-

    • Official categories (Men A, Men B & Women) : BND 120.00

    • Guest category : BND 150.00

  2. All entries are to be made online.

  3. Entry confirmation is subject to the Tournament Committee’s approval, slot availability at the time of registration and is on a first-come-first-served basis.

  4. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to reject any entry or make amendments to the entry requirements without giving any reason whatsoever.



  1. Entry fee paid will not be refunded if any Competitor withdraws from the Tournament.

  2. Any request for transfer of entry to another name must be made at least thirty (30) days prior to the tournament date and is subject to approval by the Tournament Committee.

  3. Competitor who withdraws from the Tournament prior or on the day of the Tournament, will not be entitled to any event gift(s).



All players are required to register in person and submit a signed indemnity letter at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the tee-off time. Failure to do so may result in the player being withdrawn from the Tournament with no refund of any fees paid.



  1. The BMW Golf Cup, Brunei 2021 shall be managed by the Tournament Committee appointed by QAF Auto Sdn Bhd and whose decision in all matters shall be final.

  2. The members of the Tournament Committee are announced before the Tournament begins.

  3. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to exclude any player from the Tournament at its discretion.



  1. All play shall be in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the R&A Rules Ltd and Local Rules of the Tournament club, as approved by the Tournament Committee.



  1. Play shall be in groups of maximum four (4) players.

  2. The Tournament Committee shall decide the draw.

  3. All players are to station themselves at their respective assigned tee box, five (5) minute prior to the tee-off time.  Failure to do so may result in the player being withdrawn from the Tournament with no refund of any fees paid.

  4. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to change the draws and vary the starting times without giving any reason.



  1. Competitors must provide the Tournament with a current confirmation of their handicap.

  2. A Competitor’s handicap must be valid at the time of entry, on the day of the Tournament and updated.

  3. A Competitor belonging to more than one club and having different USGA Handicap Indexes at each club must declare to the Tournament Committee before the commencement of play and use his lowest Handicap Index for the Tournament, unless a valid explanation is acceptable to the Tournament Committee.  Penalty for breach of rule is disqualification.

  4. Competitors will be assigned a Tournament handicap based on his current USGA Indexes against the slope rating of the tournament course.

  5. All Competitors shall play off the assigned handicap and Tournament category as indicated on the draw sheet and scorecard.

  6. A Competitor’s handicap may be adjusted by the Tournament Committee prior or during the Tournament.  The Tournament Committee’s decision shall be final as per section 8-4 of the USGA Handicap System Manual.



  1. In the event of ties, placing shall be determined on count back starting with:-

    • Lowest handicap

    • Scores from the last 9, 6, 3 and 1 hole

  2. The last nine holes shall always refer to holes 10 – 18 on the scorecard, irrespective of where and how a player begins.



  1. Player(s) who score a Hole-In-One in accordance to the tournament rules and regulations during the one (1) day tournament round of the event will win the Hole-In-One prize.

  2. A player must complete all 18-holes during the one (1) day tournament round of the event, in order to be eligible for the Hole-In-One prize.

  3. In the event more than one (1) person score a Hole-In-One during the one (1) day tournament round of the event, the prize will be shared among all the winners.

  4. The prize has to be redeemed within three (3) months from the date of the Tournament, failing which, the prize will be forfeited.

  5. By participating in the Hole-In-One and accepting the Hole-In-One prize, each player agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions and warranties applicable for the acceptance and delivery of the prize. Click here for Hole-In-One Terms & Conditions.



Each player shall be eligible to win only one (1) novelty prize. In the event a player wins more than one (1) novelty prize, the first novelty hole that he or she plays shall be deemed the winning novelty hole.



  1. Scorecard submitted by a competitor must be duly signed and counter signed by his or her marker no later than ten (10) minutes after the completion of play.

  2. Score submission closes five (5) minutes after the last competitor has submitted his/her scorecard.



The Tournament shall be deemed to have closed, when prizes have been awarded to the winners.



  1. An amateur golfer must not accept a prize (other than a symbolic prize) or prize voucher of retail value in excess of the prescribed limits according to Rule 20.2b-2a of the General Rules of Amateur Status, or a lesser figure as decided by the Governing Body.  This limit applies to the total prize or prize vouchers received by an amateur golfer in any one competition or series of competitions, excluding any Hole-In-One prize (see Rule 20.2b-2b).

  2. The limits prescribed in Rule 20.2b-2a does not apply to a prize for Hole-In-One.

  3. Player(s) who win prizes exceeding the limits as stated in the Rules of Amateur Status will be reported to the Brunei Darussalam Golf Association.


Note: The onus of receiving a prize or prizes that exceed(s) the prescribed limits lies with the participant.  QAF Auto Sdn Bhd and the Tournament Committee shall not be liable for any action on players for any breach of rules pertaining to the Amateur Status.



  1. Decision(s) of the referee appointed by the Tournament Committee is final (Rule20.2a).

  2. In the absence of a referee, any dispute or doubtful point of the rules must be put forward to the Tournament Committee whose decision shall be final (Rule 20.2b).



Any complaint and/or disputes that arises during the Tournament must be put forward to the Tournament Committee as soon as practicable upon completion of the Tournament, and before the score submission closes.



  1. All players should practice good etiquette as detailed in Section 1 of the Rules of Golf.

  2. The overriding principle is that consideration should be shown to others on the course at all times.




The Tournament Committee will make every effort to complete an event in its entirety.  However, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to suspend or abandon play as necessary if weather-related circumstances require such action.  In the unlikely event the course is unplayable and play is abandoned or other conditions warrant such action, the Tournament Committee will then decide the Tournament, including the distribution of prizes and all players will be informed accordingly.



QAF Auto Sdn Bhd, Brunei Darussalam Golf Association and the Tournament Committee and their staff, shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or harm or any form of injuries the participants of the Tournament may suffer as a result of their participation in the Tournament.



  1. Any player found to be violating the terms of the competition or have not provided true and accurate information in the registration form would be disqualified from taking part.

  2. QAF Auto Sdn Bhd reserves the right to revoke any title and/or reclaim any prize awarded to any winner of any Tournament in the event such winner is found to have not complied with the Tournament’s rules and regulations.



By participation in the Tournament shall deemed as permission to QAF Auto Sdn Bhd and its agencies to use, publish, exhibit and display participant’s name, image, video and comments in any nature or form of documentation, advertising and promotional purpose in any form of media and any reasonable manner it sees fit without any compensation.



QAF Auto Sdn Bhd reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions from time to time that may be deemed appropriate and fit by QAF Auto Sdn Bhd.

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